Haaaaaaaappy Neeeeeew Yeeeaaaaaaaar 2018!

I wish you all a great, fulfilling and fun year! With plenty of hires, interviews, successes and happy candidates 🙂

To start 2018 on the right foot, I’ve prepared for you a little overview of the best articles, blog posts and other reviews I came across  this month.
And it’s not all just about taking resolutions for the new year (well, ok it is) but also how to ensure you get the best out of this new professional chapter of your hiring life!

So let’s talk about Sourcing, about Social Recruiting, Employer Branding and Innovation.
You won’t be let down, promise.

Are you up for it ?



Did you know inanchor: ?

Irina inspires us once more with some advanced boolean strings.
On Boolean Strings


How can you still not know how to source on Github?

Let’s have a quick refresh on sourcing Dev profiles.
On Social Talent


Forget boolean!

Is this a joke? It seems not. And Glen Cathey explains us why…
On Boolean Black Blet


Forget Sourcing too!!

Ok now you’re kidding me. Or not?
On SourceCon




Major trends for 2018 – pick up yours!

What’s to remember for your Social Recruiting plan of action.
On Talentlyft

Social Recruiting

Get ready for Social Recruiting phase II

In case you’re late on your SR project, it’s time to upgrade!
On Forbes


Marketing for recruitment is in

A How-to guide to implement a Social Media Marketing plan in your hiring process.
On Jobholler.com




AGENDA – time to save a date or two…

Find out about the best Employer Branding events to attend in 2018.

On Recruiting Blogs


The best Employer Branding’s How-To guide ever written so far!

A must-read for all hiring teams!!
On The Higher Mix


We told you 2018 was all about empathy

Walking a few steps in your candidates shoes goes a long way…

On Recruiting Daily




Let’s introduce Hire, Google’s new recruiting App

After Google for Jobs, what does Google has in the Appstore for us this time?
On Entrepreneurs


6 tools you should consider to try in 2018

Let’s have a look on new techy trends.
On Ideal


Recruiting Mr Men 🙂

And other creative processes you might not have heard of…yet!

On The Guardian


My absolute must-read of the month on AI and the future of work

On Harvard Business Review (what else!)

I hope you enjoyed this January 2018’s edition of Planet Recruitment Monthly.

Please feel free to comment on any subject and ideas you might be interested in for an upcoming press review.
In the meantime, take care and make the most of those great hiring tips shared above.



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